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Installing Posi-Tap Connectors

We include high quality Posi-Tap connectors with our Direct Wire installation kits, as we find these to be easy to install and provide a more secure and reliable connection than typical wire taps and other V-groove connectors. However, it is still important that care is taken for a proper install, as poor wiring connections could cause faults and improper operation of the device and/or vehicle.

This guide shows the Posi-Tap connector we commonly include for tapping into a 20-22 AWG wire. If the vehicle wiring that you need to tap into is of a different size, you will need to purchase a connector of an appropriate size. We recommend genuine Posi-Tap connectors from Posi-Products.

The gray end is the cradle for the existing vehicle wire. It is paired with the sharp side of the center piece, which will precisely pierce the wire’s insulation.

Posi-Tap Connector
Posi-Tap Disassembled

Unscrew the gray end of the connector, lay the vehicle’s wire through it, and then screw the sharp side of the center piece into that.

Strip the insulation off of the end of the new wire, insert it through the hollow red end of the connector, place the bare wire in contact with the center piece, and then screw in the red end of the connector. Give it a gentle pull to ensure that the new wire is attached securely.