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Just How Fast is DauntlessOBD?

In addition to providing basic and some enhanced diagnostics capabilities, plus various enhancements for app developers, we specifically designed DauntlessOBD to provide super fast OBD2 data streams to several popular apps so that you can more effectively view and analyze your data.

The 3rd party app we get asked the most about is TrackAddict, and here’s what our own performance testing showed for it on both iOS and Android, versus several other popular ELM327-compatible OBD interfaces:

DauntlessOBD Info

Yes, that’s right… For some vehicles, we did find that certain other devices that use “Classic” BT can match or even out-perform us on Android. It is what it is. We’re not here to BS you. We’re often the fastest, and in the few cases where we don’t lead in raw performance, we aim to win on price and features.

Tests were conducted in early 2024, with DauntlessOBD firmware version 1.3.0. Charts indicate typical sustained group sample rate (Hz) as observed on the “Raw Data” live monitor after being connected for 1 minute. Channels selected: Engine Speed, Vehicle Speed, Throttle Position. As such, a reported rate of 5 Hz for these 3 data channels would indicate an average of 15 data points per second, which other apps might report as a 15 Hz sample rate.

On Android, higher performance is generally possible than on iOS, and the use of Classic BT mode is typically a performance advantage as well. We’ve tested in that mode for devices that support both.

In the event of spikes, the lower and more sustained rate was used. For consistency, tests were performed with ignition on and engine not running. These may be impacted by variables related to vehicle, smartphone device, wireless signal conditions, and other factors. Typically, different smart phone devices and vehicle models / configurations will have different results, and different apps or app settings will have different results as well. Your results may vary. Not all apps are compatible. Future product and firmware revisions may have different results.

We are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, any product or brand listed here.