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OBD Device Triggering Alarm on BMW and Mini Cooper

Recent BMW and Mini Cooper vehicles have an “OBD Alarm” feature that will trigger if any device sends an OBD request while the alarm is armed. This has been problematic for many OBD-based devices on the market, as it is fairly common to at least send a periodic OBD request to detect if the engine has been started so that the device can awake from sleep mode.

Fortunately, our D-Shift Sequential Shift Light offers a setting that will help with this: In the D-Shift app, go to the Settings screen, scroll down to the “Wake via OBD” setting and change it to Off. That will prevent it from sending any OBD requests when it is in sleep mode. In D-Shift firmware version 1.2.5 and newer, it will also enter sleep mode even sooner when this setting is turned off, so that it should be asleep by the time you exit the vehicle and lock the doors.

Please note that when the “Wake via OBD” setting is turned off, the device will rely on only passive methods to determine if the engine has been started. While this has worked very well for us, every car is different, so if you find that it’s not responsive after you start the engine, you can always manually wake it up by simply pressing the button on the device.