D-Shift Accessory – 6mm Spacer


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Is the D-Shift Sequential Shift Light a little too slim for your car? Raise it up by 6mm (approx 1/4 inch)!

While many cars fit the D-Shift unit easily and enjoy high visibility, we’ve found that some others could use a little boost, such as when it’s partially obscured behind your steering wheel or something else. This spacer raises the shift light slightly to make it more visible on your vehicle.

Simply remove the existing mounting tape from the D-Shift unit, peel the green backing tape from from the spacer, and stick them together. Then peel the red backing tape from the bottom of the spacer to attach it to the car.

D-Shift on 2022+ Toyota GR86 with no Spacer: Usable but partially obscured by steering wheel

D-Shift on 2022+ Toyota GR86 WITH 6mm Spacer: Just enough added height to be more visible without being intrusive