D-Shift Accessory – Replacement Direct Wire Kit


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This is a replacement Direct Wire kit for your D-Shift Sequential Shift Light, and can also be used to switch from an OBD Plug & Play installation to a Direct Wire installation.

Wiring harness and connectors to support either a traditional Tachometer Wire input, or a Direct CAN Bus Data connection. Intended for Advanced Installers.

Tach Wire Input: Designed for a typical 12V tach signal; do not connect to coil high-voltage output, CDI systems, aftermarket ignition boxes, or other high-voltage sources.

CAN Data Connection: For use with “classic” CAN 2.0; CAN-FD is not supported. If connected to a CAN bus other than the one used for OBD, you may need to enter custom CAN decoding information. Requires use of mobile app for any custom CAN setup.

See product documentation for compatibility information, instructions, and advisories.

D-Shift Installation & User Guide

Wiring Connections: Tach Input, Positive 12V, Negative Ground, CAN High, CAN Low
Connect either Tach Wire -or- CAN wires, not both

Includes 2 foot wire pigtail, inline fuse, and high-quality Posi-Tap connectors for tapping into 20-22 AWG vehicle wiring. You may need to either shorten or extend the length depending on your vehicle and desired installation location, and you may need to purchase alternate connectors if you are connecting to vehicle wire sizes outside of this range.