DauntlessOBD – Fast No-BS OBD2 Interface for iPhone, Android, and Computers (for 2009+ Vehicles)


DauntlessOBD: Super Fast OBD-II Diagnostic and Data Interface for your Phone and Computer!

Works with 2009+ US market gasoline and diesel cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs, as well as many earlier models which use the CAN protocol for OBD-II. See the Supported Vehicles section for more information.

  • Enjoy our Free App with No Subscription!
    • OBD-II Code Scanning & Clearing
    • Enhanced Code Scanning on many Ford, General Motors, Nissan/Infiniti, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota/Lexus, Volkswagen/Audi
    • Data Streams
    • Emissions Monitor Statuses
    • Mode 06 Test Results
    • Raw CAN Data Monitor (many mid-2000s to late-2010s vehicles)

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Product Documentation, Downloads, and More Information

DauntlessOBD Official Mobile App

DauntlessOBD App Compatibility

DauntlessOBD User Guide

Standard Limited Warranty

DauntlessOBD Developer & API Info

Firmware Updater for Windows

Firmware Change Log


Supported Vehicles

Designed for vehicles with Standard 12-Volt DC Power (12-18 Volts), which implement the OBD-II standard using the CAN protocol: (more details)

  • ALL 2009+ US-market gasoline and diesel cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs
  • 2007+ Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep – Most Models
  • 2007+ Honda / Acura – Most Models (including Civic Si)
  • 2007+ Toyota / Lexus – Most Models
  • 2006+ Audi / Volkswagen – Most Models
  • 2006+ Dodge Charger
  • 2006+ Dodge RAM
  • 2006+ General Motors (Chevrolet / GMC / Cadillac / Pontiac) – Most Models
  • 2006+ Honda S2000
  • 2006+ Mazda – Most Models
  • 2006+ Volvo – Most Models
  • 2005+ Chevrolet Corvette (C6)
  • 2005+ Dodge Durango, Dakota
  • 2005+ Ford – Most Models (including Mustang)
  • 2005+ Pontiac GTO
  • 2004+ Ford F150, F250
  • 2004+ Mazda RX8

Some vehicles built for sale outside of the US market may have different support, and might not be supported until later years.

Older vehicles than these listed typically use a variety of different OBD protocols (J1850 VPW / PWM, ISO-9141, ISO-14230 / KWP “K-Line”), which are not supported by this device. CAN is where we best innovate and add unique value to the market, so that’s where we focus.

100% Electric Vehicles are generally not expected to work properly with this product, as they typically do not implement the actual OBD-II protocol, even if they have an OBD port wired to them. Hybrid gasoline/electric vehicles conforming to the OBD-II standard are expected to work.


Winning Performance

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Protect Your Security!

DauntlessOBD is designed with wireless security in mind. LE wireless pairing with your mobile device requires a physical button press, so that only devices you’ve authorized can use it to connect to your vehicle. Beware of other OBD devices that are openly available with no wireless security, or a common password, that let just anybody nearby connect to your vehicle and send it commands at any time.


Just Say NO to Devices that Kill Your Battery!

Many OBD devices on the market can drain and possibly damage your vehicle’s battery if you leave them installed over time. We designed DauntlessOBD with efficiency and intelligent logic, specifically so that you can leave it plugged in on most vehicles. Rather than just making vague marketing promises, we’re happy to share our performance numbers:

  • Sleep Mode Threshold: 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Low-Battery Shutdown: approx <11.8 V for 1-2 minutes
  • Typical Power Consumption @ 12.5 V:
    • Sleep / Shutdown: <2 mA
    • Fully-Awake Idle: <36 mA

Sleep mode is intended to drastically reduce the drain on your vehicle’s battery when the ignition power is off. It will not be entered within 2 minutes of device power-up / reset, or within the threshold time after an active connection to the mobile app, engine RPM is detected, CAN data traffic is detected, or the device’s button is pressed. After entering Sleep Mode, this device will periodically enter a low-power wake-up to check for ignition / engine or data activity, causing a very brief increase in current draw, and then return to Sleep Mode. Mobile app connectivity is not possible until the device is fully awakened, which can be easily accomplished by pressing the device’s button or starting the vehicle’s engine. Depending on the vehicle, certain other activity may also wake it. These characteristics and thresholds are subject to change with future firmware updates.


The OBD Interface that Developers and Tinkerers Want

In addition to offering great ELM327-compatibility so that many existing apps work automatically for a wide variety of users, DauntlessOBD also offers additional commands to greatly ease the work of OBD app developers and serial terminal users, along with automatic switching to the GVRET protocol when you want to sniff CAN traffic with open source tools like SavvyCAN (via USB).

No NDAs, no closed ecosystem, no nonsense! We’re happy to publish a command set that you can use in your apps or from a serial terminal.

We’ve been in your shoes and have created the OBD device that modern app developers want, with the performance and reliability that users want. DauntlessOBD was conceived and designed by a professional developer with a life-long obsession with cars, and over a decade of experience in OBD-enabled mobile apps and other products. We understand and care about the Developer Experience, so that you can deliver a great User Experience.



For dry use only. Do not expose to moisture.

Features, availability, and compatibility are subject to change without notice. Dauntless Devices LLC is not liable for how users or third party apps may choose to use this device.

Data streams, performance, and other features and capabilities will vary depending on vehicle and app / software, and may change in future updates.

See the User Guide for additional information, warnings, and disclaimers.

We do not claim any endorsement by, or affiliation with, ELM Electronics, SavvyCAN, GVRET, or any other product or brand, unless explicitly stated as such. All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and are referenced to provide compatibility information.

DauntlessOBD, Dauntless Devices, and the Dauntless Devices logo are trademarks of Dauntless Devices LLC. This product and related materials are Copyright © 2023 Dauntless Devices LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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