Auto-Lock + OBD + More for ’22+ Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86 (OBD Plug & Play)


Add More Features to Your 2022+ Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86!

  • Simple OBD Plug & Play Installation
  • All Features of DauntlessOBD (enhanced code scanning, fast data streams, monitor & test data, app support, and more)
  • Auto Lock Doors (triggers at 10 MPH / 16 km/h)
  • Auto Unlock Doors (upon engine off or parking brake after driving)
  • Remote-Controlled Windows (requires compatible ASC CAN adapter)
  • Optional Engine RPM and Vehicle Speed Alarms
  • Optional Max RPM, Speed, and Temperature Memory
  • Vehicle Alarm Setting On/Off
  • Engine Sound Generator (ASC) On/Off

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Supported Vehicles

  • 2022 and newer Subaru BRZ
  • 2022 and newer Toyota GR86


Automatic Lock & Unlock Doors

Finally, an automatic door locking/unlocking option for the 2nd generation Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86! It’s the first thing we wanted to add on our own GR86, and we’ve heard this same request from many other owners.

Simply plug our enhanced OBD dongle into your car’s OBD port, and now your doors will automatically lock after you hit 10 MPH (16 km/h), then unlock when you turn the engine off or set the parking brake after driving. Also includes the option to disable auto-lock when the vehicle is in Track Mode, for easier egress.


OBD Data + Diagnostics + Apps

This is an enhanced version of our DauntlessOBD dongle, and includes all of its standard features. Easily plugs into your car’s OBD port and offers enhanced code scanning, fast data streams, emissions monitors and Mode 06 tests, support for popular 3rd party apps, and more!

We designed it so that you can leave it plugged in all the time, too. Device draws less than 2 mA when idle (after 10 minutes of inactivity).


Discourage Valets From Hooning Your Ride!

Everyone who loves their car hates to hand their keys over to someone who might not respect it. Now you can easily set loud annoying max RPM and speed alarms that display on the gauge cluster, and keep track of how hard your car was driven when you weren’t there. Simply use our mobile app to turn it on before you hand your keys to someone else, and then view their max RPM and speed once you get it back. It can also tell you if they unplugged the dongle to avoid detection.


Change Vehicle Settings

Did you know that many of these cars were delivered with the factory alarm setting disabled? You can easily view and change that setting in our app, as well as turn your engine sound generator (ASC) on or off.


Remote-Controlled Windows (requires compatible ASC CAN adapter)

You will need a compatible ASC / Body CAN Adapter for this feature (see section below), such as the ASC CAN Adapter from Hachi Electronics, as we cannot readily see the keyfob button presses via car’s standard OBD port. The options to enable this feature will only appear in the app once this device is plugged into a compatible adapter.

Once enabled, hold down your remote’s Unlock button for a few seconds to roll your windows down, or hold the Lock button to roll them up! Our app gives you the choice between long holds or shorter holds.

Remote-Controlled Windows Demo Video (demonstrating long button hold time)


Works with ASC / Body CAN Adapters Too!

In addition to being an easy Plug & Play install into your standard OBD port, we have also made sure this works well when you plug it into Body CAN adapters (aka ASC Port) that are popular on these cars. While you of course wont get OBD diagnostics and certain data via that port (switch over to the standard OBD port when you want that), you will still get these enhanced features and some super fast data streams.

Enhanced features like Auto Lock/Unlock will typically be the fastest and most responsive when connected this way, as going through the car’s standard OBD port does add some latency.

Our Remote-Controlled Windows feature is only available when using one of these adapters.

The ASC CAN Adapter from Hachi Electronics is an easy way to get what you need for this.

If using a different CAN adapter, please ensure it provides a ground on Pin 4 (Chassis Ground) of the OBD-style port it’s adding, as some adapters have been known to only provide grounding to Pin 5 (Signal Ground) instead.



This enhanced functionality should not be expected to work on vehicles outside of the Supported Vehicle list, and we recommend that you use the app to turn off any active features when using it with other vehicles, to reduce the chances of any odd or undesirable behavior on unsupported vehicles. Enhanced functionality may be limited or delayed when using this product with 3rd party apps or when there is also another OBD-based device connected to the vehicle, however we’ve made efforts to accommodate these situations where practical. For best results, ensure that your 3rd party app or other OBD device is actively polling both Engine RPM and Vehicle Speed at a high sample rate, as our device will typically be able to detect that and passively observe the results without interfering. Even still, certain options like Track Mode and Parking Brake detection may not function when something else is utilizing OBD communications.

Please also see the DauntlessOBD User Guide for more information about this device. These enhancements exist in a special firmware based on our regular OBD device.

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