DauntlessOBD App Compatibility

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This list is not all-inclusive. In addition to apps specifically designed for the DauntlessOBD device, it should also easily work with most ELM327-compatibile apps that support LE wireless communications (iOS and Android), or USB CDC serial devices (computers and some Android devices). Please contact the developer of the app you wish to use for current compatibility information.

IMPORTANT: You must first pair the DauntlessOBD device to your smartphone, by using the Dauntless OBD app, before it will communicate with 3rd party apps. Pairing is enforced for your security, and it should only need to be done once, then all compatible apps on your phone should be able to communicate.

If prompted to select a mode and/or device, select “LE” or Low-Energy communications mode, and choose the DauntlessOBD_xxxxxx device (xxxxxx is the end of your device’s serial number)

App NameApp DescriptioniOS Android Compatibility Notes
Dauntless OBDOfficial App for DauntlessOBDUse this app to pair your device, then your other apps can talk to it too. Also offers additional vehicle information and capabilities that many other apps don’t have.
TorqueVehicle Data AcquisitionN/ASettings -> OBD2 Adapter Settings, set Connection type to “Bluetooth”. Then “Choose Bluetooth Device”, do a BLE Scan, and choose the device.
OBD FusionVehicle DiagnosticsSettings -> Preferences -> Communications -> Communication Type -> “Bluetooth LE”.
TrackAddictMotorsports Timing and Data AcquisitionSet OBD Mode to “BLE”.
RaceChrono ProMotorsports Timing and Data AcquisitionSettings -> Add OBD-II Reader -> “CX Bluetooth LE”, then select the device.
Car Scanner ELM OBD2Vehicle Diagnostics and Data AcquisitionSettings -> Adapter -> “Bluetooth LE”, then select the device. Note that although the Android version appears to work well, we observed unstable readings with the iOS version.
MotorData OBDVehicle Diagnostics and Data AcquisitionSettings -> Connection type “LE”, then tap “Find OBD-adapter” and select DauntlessOBD
RevHeadzNovelty Dashboards and AudioOBD-II -> Connect (BT) -> Select DauntlessOBD device
SavvyCANCAN Sniffing Software for ComputersN/AN/AUSB connection to a computer, will appear as a COMx: serial port. Select the “GVRET” protocol.

Developers: Want an easy way to use the DauntlessOBD device in your own apps? Check out the DauntlessOBD Developer & API Info

This information and the compatibility it describes is subject to change without notice. While we desire to work cooperatively with third-party developers, the compatibility and functionality of their apps is outside of our control. Dauntless Devices LLC is not liable for how third party apps may choose to use this device.

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