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  • Getting Started with CAN Bus Sniffing / What Can I See via the OBD Port?

    (this is based on vehicles which use CAN; older vehicles may not have CAN busses easily accessible or at all) First, you’ll need a CAN sniffing device and software to go with it. While the information in this post is generally not device or software specific, we will of course plug our own DauntlessOBD dongle…

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  • OBD Device Triggering Alarm on BMW and Mini Cooper

    Recent BMW and Mini Cooper vehicles have an “OBD Alarm” feature that will trigger if any device sends an OBD request while the alarm is armed. This has been problematic for many OBD-based devices on the market, as it is fairly common to at least send a periodic OBD request to detect if the engine…

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  • Standard vs Enhanced OBD-II Code Scanning

    What’s the difference between Standard and Enhanced code scanning? Which modules do these cover? Standard OBD-II Code Scanning The OBD-II specification provides a standard way to scan and reset Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), commonly also known as a Check Engine Light or CEL codes. This works universally across all OBD-II compliant vehicles, however is it…

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