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  • SavvyCAN Quick Start

    Quick start for the DauntlessOBD device and our CAN Interface board, for using SavvyCAN via a USB connection. If you wish to use serial terminal commands, please see DauntlessOBD Developer & API Info. SavvyCAN is a great open source project for monitoring and reverse engineering CAN traffic on Windows, Mac, and Linux. We are not…

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  • Just How Fast is DauntlessOBD?

    In addition to providing basic and some enhanced diagnostics capabilities, plus various enhancements for app developers, we specifically designed DauntlessOBD to provide super fast OBD2 data streams to several popular apps so that you can more effectively view and analyze your data. The 3rd party app we get asked the most about is TrackAddict, and…

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  • Using D-Shift with an OBD Splitter / Y-Cable

    We’ve designed the D-Shift Sequential Shift Light to operate as passively as practical, and with smart active / passive OBD functionality, to maximize compatibility when you are using an OBD splitter or y-cable with another OBD device. How well that works will depend somewhat on the other OBD device that’s in use and what it’s…

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