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  • What is ELM327?

    We’re not “ELM327”, and you shouldn’t trust anyone who falsely claims to be. The real ELM327 was an automotive interface chip from the now-defunct Elm Electronics company, which offered a simple and powerful command set for computers and smartphones to communicate with OBD-II equipped automobiles. It became extremely popular, and the defacto standard for many…

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  • Where is My Car’s OBD-2 Port?

    US market cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs since 1996 were required to have an OBD-II port for standardized diagnostics. This is also known as an SAE J1962 port or a Data Link Connector (DLC). However, 100% Electric Vehicles may not have this port at all, or it may not actually provide OBD services. Although the…

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  • The Difference Between OBD and CAN

    The terms OBD and CAN are sometimes used interchangeably and conflated, but they are separate protocols that exist in different layers of the communications stack. OBD-II and similar protocols, such as Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS), define the actual command and parameter data when communicating with your vehicle. In order to send or receive that data,…

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