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  • Installing Posi-Tap Connectors

    We include high quality Posi-Tap connectors with our Direct Wire installation kits, as we find these to be easy to install and provide a more secure and reliable connection than typical wire taps and other V-groove connectors. However, it is still important that care is taken for a proper install, as poor wiring connections could…

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  • CAN Direct Wire Installation Info

    Details for directly wiring D-Shift to the vehicle’s CAN bus. Where supported, the OBD Plug and Play cable will provide a much faster and simpler installation experience. We recommend that option wherever suitable. The option described in this document, to directly wire to the CAN bus, is a more involved and advanced installation option, useful…

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  • Which Vehicles Support CAN for OBD?

    Our automotive products that utilize vehicle data communications are typically based on the industry-standard CAN protocol. This is found in virtually all 2009 and newer US-market gasoline and diesel cars, light trucks, and SUVs, along with many others dating back as early as 2004. For US-market passenger automobiles, CAN was mandated for OBD-II starting with…

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