Privacy Policy

Version: 2023-07-15

Internet-connected features and services are provided as-is, and are subject to change or discontinuation at any time, without notice or compensation. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied with regards to these features and services.

As described in this policy, our apps and services may transmit and receive data over various networks, with our servers, other servers, and/or service providers, in order to provide functionality and assistance.

We believe your privacy, choice, and trust are important. We aim to limit our data collection and transmission to what is useful for our product functionality and related services, or what you’ve opted-in to share with us.

Nothing contained in this policy shall prevent us from complying with law enforcement or other government requests, or from complying with legal orders or requirements.

This policy is subject to change at any time without notice, however any new more-permissive uses of data shall not apply to previously collected data without your consent. Upon consenting to an updated version of this policy, that version alone shall then apply to all data pertaining to you, your use of our products, etc. Use of our website or other online service, or accepting a privacy policy related notice or prompt from our product, shall qualify as consent.

How Our Products Use The Internet and/or Send Data:

  1. Website and Links to Online Resources: These use your web browser to open a page on our Internet site or another site.
  2. Firmware and Software Updates: This will contact our server and may provide device serial number and/or other product and technical information, to determine if an update is applicable, and may also download it if so.
  3. Automated Support Data Sharing (Optional): With your opt-in permission, our apps can automatically contact our servers and provide us with technical information about your Dauntless Devices LLC product, settings and usage, mobile or computing device, and connected vehicles. Most notably for privacy, this will typically contain the product’s serial number and vehicle identification data. This data is intended to provide us with technical information and help us understand how our products are being used, for product and feature development, customer support, market research, technical knowledge, and potentially other purposes. This is optional and is not required for your use of our products.
  4. Contacting Customer Support: When you contact us for assistance or questions, we will typically receive your contact information and may need you provide us with additional information for the primary purpose of trying to assist you.
  5. Other Features or Functionality That Rely Upon Internet-Based Services: Some products may also have additional features and/or functionality that make use of internet connectivity, as described or evident in product marketing, at the time of product usage, and/or in product documentation materials.
  6. Wireless Broadcasts and other Data Communications: Our products that have wireless capabilities will typically broadcast unique identifiers, which may be linked to, or contain, the device serial number and name. This information and more is also typically obtainable upon making a data connection to the device, via wired or wireless means, where supported.
  7. Third Party Networks and Services: Any time that data is transmitted or retrieved via the Internet, including for the above listed cases, it will be routed along various networks and service providers that may be outside of our control, and your IP address and potentially other information will be exposed. In addition, our services and servers may be hosted by other service providers who have privileged access. It may be possible to identify you from these connections, activity patterns, various meta data, and/or the data contents.

Data Protections and Risks:

We often utilize encryption to mitigate the risks of others observing the contents of the data transmitted, as well as to protect our own intellectual property and business interests. Encryption does not completely eliminate the possibility of eavesdropping or unauthorized access.

Although we try to limit the collection of personal information to what’s necessary or useful, it may be possible to derive identity and other details based on product serial numbers, vehicle information, device information, any contact you’ve had with us, our sales records, IP addresses and/or activity patterns, other information sources, etc.

What We Do With Data That We Collect:

Dauntless Devices LLC will not sell your individual personally-identifying information to others.

We may provide your information to our service providers, as needed to provide services or functionality for our products, fulfill orders, provide customer support, or otherwise communicate with you.

We may retain and use any collected information for our own market research, product development, customer support, records keeping, or other business uses which do not involve selling personally-identifiable information to others. Any product or feature development, technical knowledge, processes, market insights, etc., that we derive from this is our own exclusive intellectual property and may be used, shared, and/or commercialized at our discretion. We also reserve the full use and ownership of anonymized, aggregated, or otherwise non-personally-identifying data. Any customer names, street addresses, individual contact information, or complete vehicle identification numbers, shall not be shared with others as part of this.

In the event that the ownership of Dauntless Devices LLC changes, the new owners shall be considered the same entity and may receive all collected data, on the condition that they agree to be bound by these terms.

Data Deletion Requests:

You may contact us to request that we delete optional data that we have collected, linked to your product serial number and/or vehicle identification number. Those will need to be provided for us to service your request. The majority of this data, and potentially all it, would typically come from the opt-in Automated Support Data Sharing described above. The removal will apply to our primary database and anywhere it propagates from that point forward, such as copies, backups, data analysis, data aggregation, etc. It will not be applied to our previous work, developments, acquired knowledge, analysis, aggregated data, data backups and caches, etc.

We will not service requests to delete customer correspondence, sales records, website access records, or other records that we retain for accounting, taxes, order fulfillment, product traceability, end-user product services and functionality, security, intellectual property protection, or legal compliance.